I was a freelance graphic designer
1971 - deregistration of a completely different type of study
and that way was open to become:

Scene painter, manufacturer for advertising material, poster artist, screen printer, and finally from 1983 advertising designer.
From 1981 to 1990 - my own silkscreen manufactur
My artistic career has been supported by artist circles and seminars.

Since August 1990, I use the Mac for my designs. Years later I could see the computer as a tool to create web pages. I did changed my hobby into my profession. But never the less, like everybody I needed a balance and so I played a bass guitar in the band „Gute Frage“ with MIGMA fretless, WARWICK Corvette Proline and for fun a FENDER DeArmond Ashbury.But that too is history now.


detail from cover design for Fireworks

cd cover design for the band [gute frage]

About me

About me